$5.5 billion for Foreign Affairs approved


The $5.5 billion allocated in the 2016 National Budget for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was approved today by the Parliamentary Committee of Supply.

The Ministry’s allocation is summed up under Development of Foreign Policy – $1.8 billion; foreign policy promotion ($3.6 billion); development of foreign trade policy – $23 million.

Under Capital Expenditures, $157 million has been allocated for 2018 to be being spent on the building to house the Protocol and Consular Affairs Departments and the Foreign Service Institute. $156 million was set aside for this same project in 2017. The total project cost is $345 million.

$55 million was allocated for the purchase of furniture and equipment for the Ministry’s head office at Takuba Lodge, South Road, Georgetown.

The sum of $200 million is allocated in the 2018 Budget for the construction of a building to house the Embassy in Brazil. The three-year project, to be completed in 2020, will cost a total of $975 million.

Among the Ministry’s allocation is the sum of $35 million for the purchases of three vehicles to be used by missions overseas. $40 million has been set aside for the purchase of furniture and equipment for overseas missions. 

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