River ambulances, school bus among $3.4 billion budget approved for Region 10



The $3.4 billion budget for Region Ten was today approved by the Parliamentary Committee of Supply and includes funds for the purchase of river ambulances and a school bus.

The allocations for Region Ten is covered under Regional Administration and Finance $301 million; Public Infrastructure $322 million; Education Delivery $2.1 billion and Health Services $663 million.

For the school bus, a 32-seater, which will be held by the Regional Administration, the sum of $14.5 million was approved.

Under health services, $19.4 was approved for the purchase of river ambulances. Also under health service, there is a provision of $64 million for the rehabilitation of the Upper Demerara Regional Office and health centres at Mabura and Amelia’s Ward.

For 2018, $94.6 million is being spent on the Regional Administration Building at McKenzie. The overall project cost is $267 million with $65.4 million already spent.

For the Regional Administration building also, $1.5 million was allocated under the heading of Furniture and Equipment to cater for tents, computers and chairs.

The budget includes funding of $68.5 million for the upgrade of Stanley Road, Wismar Hill Primary School Road, Ballfield Road and Teachers Compound Main Access Road.

Upgrading of drainage systems including structures at Stanley Road, Dakama Circle and Determa Street has been allocated $20.8 million.

Under Agricultural Development, $15 million will be spent on revetment and erosion control structures and the desilting of a creek at McKenzie. The $15 million will also cover the construction of the farm to market road at West Watooka.

Under Education, there is a provision for nursery and primary schools at Bamia totalling $133 million. The total project cost is $439 million.

Under Education Delivery also, there is an allocation of $14.5 million. The project includes the purchase of school furniture and equipment such as desks, benches, nursery sets, chairs, tables, fans, filing cabinets, whiteboards, projectors, lathes, science kits, refrigerators, computers and air conditioning units.

Under Health Services, $15 million is allocated to cover the provision for examination couches, refrigerators drip stands, portable screens, infant scales, fetal monitors, vaccine carriers, diagnostic sets, oxygen gauges and solar systems.

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