Senior officers ‘reprimanded’ for having Police at Parliamentary Press desk


Senior Officers of the Police Force’s ‘A’ Division were reprimanded and admonished for having Policemen seated at the press table in the Parliamentary Chamber Wednesday.

This is according to Police Commissioner (ag) David Ramnarine.

He said the incident where two Police Officers found themselves “enjoying elite company” gave the distinct impression that the Police had not learnt anything from the previous incident (of a woman dressed as Santa entering the Chamber)  and further aggravated the concerns about security of Parliament being breached.

“I wish to state that the two young plain clothes policemen were not properly nor thoroughly briefed and also did not follow the specific instructions given, for if they had, they would not have found themselves in the Chambers of Parliament,” Ramnarine stated.

“Their seniors have been admonished and reprimanded in this regard,” the Top Cop added.

Reporters were surprised when they realised that the Policemen were at the press table.

One Policeman sat at the press table and he was replaced by another in the afternoon; both were in civilian attire.

When the reporters brought the matter to the attention of the Clerk of the National Assembly, senior officers were contacted and the Policeman exited the Parliamentary Chamber.

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