Thief caught by victims, stolen items recovered


One gunman is now hospitalised under police guard after he was chased by victims of a robbery and is said to have broken his leg in the escape bid. A search is on for four other suspects.

According to information received, the suspect along with four others rushed into a supermarket at No 68 Village, Corentyne, Berbice at about 20:00hrs on Saturday.

The business where the incident occured


News Room understands that on the way into the business, one of the suspects used his gun to hit a customer who was exiting the premises to his head, not knowing that the customer was a police officer dressed in his plain clothes.

The suspects then proceeded to fire shots in the supermarket aiming for the Cashier. News Room was told that the Cashier attempted to escape by running up the stairs into the upper flat of the business where the owner resides and locked herself in a room. However, the suspects followed her and began firing shots and eventually gained access to the room.

Bullet holes in one of the doors

It was disclosed that the men ransacked the house and took several items before fleeing on foot into the backdam.

By this time, the police officer entered his vehicle along with the owner of the business and pursued the suspects. While four of them were able to escape, the fifth suspect was caught with the stolen items as he allegedly broke his leg while running.

The suspect is presently receiving medical attention at a public hospital in Region Six.

Police said the private vehicle belonging to the off-duty policeman was shot at by the bandits during the pursuit.

The father of the detained suspect is also in custody after several pieces of camouflage clothing, similar to those worn by the bandits, were found in his house.

The investigation is ongoing.

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