$3,000 to enter Giftland Mall


By Bibi Khatoon

The Management of Giftland Mall has taken a decision to implement a $3,000 entrance fee which will be redeemable at any of the businesses at the Mall but must be redeemed on the same day.

While it was previously stated by Chairman of Giftland, Roy Beepat during an interview on Monday morning, December 18, 2017 that the fee will be $2,000, Gifltand in a statement this afternoon said the charge was amended to $3,000.

Beepat said the fee will only be implemented based on the crowd at the shopping complex.

This initiative was implemented for the first time last year to decrease loiterers at the location, however this year, the fee has increased by $2000.

The Chairman told News Room that due to the success of the initiative last year, customers and businesses requested its re-implementation. He added that the measure serves to reduce overcrowding and address parking and security issues.

“If people are planning to come here as a lime, I’ll suggest that you find somewhere else because Giftland will be very, very stringent in terms of liming at the Mall for this period.”

Chairman of Giftland, Roy Beepat

Beepat explained that the company is not against young people visiting the mall, but they account for more than half of the “limers” but there have been instances in the past where youths spend their time causing trouble for other customers.

“I don’t want anybody to feel that Giftland is against young people. In fact, if you look at the stores and video arcade and food concessions, we’re very, very pro-kids. However, you know…if it’s not controlled properly, it does get out of hand,” Beepat noted.

This year, the management of the Mall will be working with the Guyana Police Force to have an increased security presence given that a number of other stores including its Supermarket, Food Maxx were opened this year.

The company has also extended its parking area and asked for the assistance of the Aquatic Centre and the Arthur Chung Convention Centre to allow customers the comfort of parking there during the busy holiday season.

Beepat said that the Mall has seen an increase from 79% to 99.5% in occupancy over the last year.

He also told News Room that while he is happy with the Mall’s performance, business performance has declined “with the economy.”

Giftland opened its Mall at Turkeyen, Greater Georgetown in 2015 and has since been one of the major entertainment spots.

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