Bus Driver robbed $5.7M in S/Ruimveldt


A 54-year-old bus driver was Tuesday afternoon robbed of $5.7M by two motorbike bandits in South Ruimveldt, Georgetown moments after he withdrew the money from a city bank to pay a contractor who was building his house.

News Room understands that Stanley Simon went to Scotia Bank on Robb Street and withdrew the money which he placed in a haversack. He walked west on Robb Street and then proceeded south on Hinck Street to the Route 41 bus park. He joined one of the buses and stopped off at the Festival City Entrance.

As he was walking there, the suspects approached from behind on a black and white motorcycle, CJ 1657. The pillion rider dismounted the motorcycle, whipped out a gun and snatched the haversack from the man. The men escaped and the matter was reported to the police. Investigations are ongoing.

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