Murder accused, two others escape from Police Station


As the Commander of ‘A’ Division and his senior officers enjoyed Christmas carols, black cake, and food at the Brickdam Police Station, three prisoners used the opportunity to break their way out of the Golden Grove/Diamond Police Station on the East Bank of Demerara on Tuesday, December 19, 2017.

A massive police hunt is on for 25-year-old Wayne Gilbert, of Lot 30 West La Penitence, who was expected to appear in court tomorrow for the murder of Rawle Rodrigues which occurred on January 20 at Stabroek Square; Derrol James, 22, of 131 Middle Walk, Buxton, who was arrested for a series of armed robberies; and 25-year-old Ivre Hooper of James Street, Albouystown, who was in custody for simple Larceny.

The tattoo of Wayne Gilbert

Police stated that the men escaped by an opening on the western wall; a piece of metal believed to have been broken off from the lockups door and used to break the wall was found.

News Room was informed that the prisoners locked other inmates in one section of the lockups and ordered them not to venture to the back of the holding area as they drilled the hole in the wall during the course of the day. As night stepped in and the place got dark, the prisoners made their move and escaped.

Police said that a subordinate officer, who was in charge of the shift, has been placed under close arrest as an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the escape is underway.

It should be noted that ranks from the Grove Police Station were attending the ‘A’ Division Christmas Luncheon and Awards ceremony at the time that the wall was being drilled in the hole by the prisoners.

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