Poor supervision resulted in escape of prisoners – Crime Chief


A police corporal remains under close arrest following the escape of three prisoners from the Golden Grove/Diamond Police Station.

Among those who escape were: 25-year-old Wayne Gilbert, of Lot 30 West La Penitence, who was in custody for the murder of Rawle Rodrigues which occurred on January 20 at Stabroek Square; Derrol James, 22, of 131 Middle Walk, Buxton, who was arrested for a series of armed robberies; and 25-year-old Ivre Hooper of James Street, Albouystown, who was in custody for simple Larceny.

Wayne Gilbert is back in custody

Hours after the escape, the father of Gilbert turned him into the Brickdam Police Station. Today, Crime Chief Paul Williams said that the escape occurred due to poor supervision and for that, a police rank is in hot water and others are likely to be investigated.

“The escape would have occurred because of poor supervision…there should have been more ranks present at the time of bringing those prisoners into a certain area; they should have been more ranks present around there and because of that it gave them more time to do what they did to make good their escape,” the Crime Chief said.

Police stated that the men escaped by an opening on the western wall; a piece of metal believed to have been broken off from the lockups door and used to break the wall was found.

News Room was informed that the prisoners locked other inmates in one section of the lockups and ordered them not to venture to the back of the holding area as they drilled the hole in the wall.

According to the Crime Chief, police are working around the clock to recapture the two others.

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