Jagdeo criticises Gov’t for not paying bonuses


Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo has flagged the Government for failing to pay bonuses to public servants and members of the disciplined forces. At a press conference today, the former President said that this action by the APNU+AFC government has resulted in a slowdown in business for the season.

The Opposition Leader expressed disappointment that the usual one-month tax-free bonus was not paid this year to members of the disciplined forces.

The failure to reward citizens for their yearlong work he said, contributes to a sloth in the economy and therefore affects vendors. “The issue of disposable income is one that has been affecting large groups of people who traditionally had money to spend,” the President said.

He expressed the view that the Government can afford to make the payments but has underestimated revenue and overestimated expenditure; a problem which comes with the early presentation of its budget.

“Next year when the Budget is presented, you will see a massive fiscal space that the Government could have used, had it been more realistic with the finances to give people bonuses,” Jagdeo said.

In November, Minister of Finance, Winston Jordan was quoted as saying that Government simply did not have the monies available to make the one-month tax-free payment to members of the public service.

Jordan expressed the view that workers should be thankful for countrywide infrastructure projects which ensures that money is being circulated back into the economy. Public sector workers earning below $500,000 were last given a one-off tax-free payment of GUY$50,000 in 2015.

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