Bandits posing as police attempt to rob grocery store


The hunt is on for two men who were dressed as policemen and attempted to rob the Samaroo Grocery Store at Goed Fortuin, West Bank Demerara on Thursday, December 21, 2017, at around 19:00hrs.

According to information reaching News Room, one of the men was dressed in a police blue and black uniform with a hat and the other a grey stripe jersey with grey short pants.

News Room understands that 53-year-old Kawallpattie Samaroo was about to close her shop when the two suspects entered and asked if the entity was robbed earlier, however, she responded in the negative. The suspect, who was fully dressed as a policeman, walked further into the shop and started to check around some clothes and asked if there was anything illegal and the victim again said ‘no.’

The suspect then pulled Samaroo from behind her head and took her into the shop, while the other suspect pushed her from behind. But the woman’s nephew, 23-year-old Deokaran Samaroo came out from the back of the shop with a cutlass and charged after the men. The suspect in the police uniform ran out of the shop and instructed his accomplice to shoot the man.

The bandit then pulled out a silver object from his waist and a loud explosion was heard. The men escaped in a silver grey Rush – PVV 895. The police did not recover any spent shells and no bullet holes were found. Investigations are ongoing.

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