Mechanic ‘mysteriously’ shot while cleaning drain



A 36-year-old Mechanic of West Ruimveldt, Georgetown was early this morning shot in his left leg, but he claims he has no idea how he was shot or who shot him.

Andrew Rodney is now a patient at a city hospital, where the bullet is still lodged in his leg. News Room understands that at around 06:30hrs on December 26, 2017, was cleaning the drain, West of his home when he heard a loud explosion and felt a burning in his left upper thigh.

He told police that he examined his leg and saw a hole in the region of the inner side of his thigh which was bleeding profusely. Rodney said he stopped a car and went to the hospital, where he remains a patient.

The man reportedly told police that he did not see anyone when he was shot. Detectives visited the scene and did not find any spent shells. Investigations are ongoing.

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