Oil contract: How US$300,000 will be used to train Guyanese


The petroleum agreement signed by the Government and ExxonMobil and its partners obligates the employment of Guyanese having appropriate qualifications and experience in the conduct of petroleum operations.

To train Guyanese, the company will pay US$300, 000 annually.

This will be used to provide Guyanese personnel nominated by the government with the on-the-job training in the company’s operation in Guyana and overseas and/or practical training at institutions abroad.

Qualified Guyanese selected by the Government will be sent on courses at universities, colleges or other training institutions. Guyanese will also be sent to conferences and seminars related to the petroleum industry.

The money will also be used to purchase, for the Government, advanced technical books, professional publications, scientific instruments or other equipment required by the Government.

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