SWAT Commander busted with smuggled alcohol


By Leroy Smith

Deputy Superintendent of Police and Head of the Special Weapons and Tactic Unit (SWAT) Motie Dookie was Saturday evening busted with thirty cases of smuggled Johnny Walker Whiskey in Corentyne Berbice.

News Room was informed that the senior officer was pulled over during roadblock which was headed by a Police Lance Corporal at Whim, Corentyne Berbice.

Police sources informed News Room that when the senior rank was pulled over in motor vehicle GPP 7399, the large quantity of alcohol was observed. He was asked to explain the presence of the items and he reportedly told ranks that the liquor was for the Guyana Police Force.

The SWAT Commander was then asked to produce the documentation for the said items but failed to do so. The ranks then checked to see whether the alcohol belonged to the force and they found that the SWAT Commander lied.

Dookie, who was the Second in Command of the SWAT Unit up until October, was moved up the ladder and named the head of the unit after its substantive head, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Lonsdale Withrite was transferred after he misplaced his force issued firearm during the course of an alleged carjacking.

The  SWAT Commander remains in police custody.

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