Enmore Association of New York spreads holiday merriment


For the 16th year in succession, the Enmore Association of New York (EANY) feted hundreds of children and elderly folks to a grand Christmas lunch and party at Enmore, East Coast Demerara.

The over 500 invitees were treated to a meal and given gifts, while Santa Claus was on hand to interact with the younger ones and shake to few popular Christmas tunes.

The activity was coordinated by EANY members Ayube ‘Wise Man’ Mohamed and his wife Farida. Mohamed and Debbie Singh, Roupchan Hardowar, Amar Prashad, Surujpaul Singh, Akbar Khan, Rudy Persaud and Prakash Persaud are executives of the EANY, whose members sent greetings to the invitees.

“This year’s celebration is made possible by the collaborative effort of former residents of Enmore and well-wishers of the Enmore Association of New York. These individuals have graciously and generously donated financially to this cause and the Association is very grateful for their donation. In addition, we are very grateful to have individuals from Enmore, in Guyana, to help in the execution of this activity and we thank them for their services,” the EANY said.

It added, “We thank all our generous donors for helping to make this event a reality and a success, and we hope that the gifts you receive today will make a difference for you during this festive season.”

A section of the gathering

As is usually the case, the EANY once again received tremendous support to execute the activity, with donors from New York, New Jersey, Florida, Canada and Guyana. 

This year’s event was backed by Harry and Chandra Persaud, Jimmy Baichan, Bryan Singh, Steve Kim, Elaine McKee, Claude Singh, Ayube and Farida Mohamed, Aleesha Mohamed, Fazal and Shamin Haniff, Akbar Khan, Waheeda Khan, Amar and Salina Persaud, Central Plumbing Specialities, Geeta Nathai, Leena Pinto, Art Denson, Kim Clarke, Sammy, Steve Toor, Nathan Figueroa, Jennifer Silberstein, Prakash and Sirmati Persaud, Narinedat and Devi Balkaran, Rudy and Shafa Persaud, Sheila Shakur and family, Doris Surujlall, Leon Mangru, Rishi Khemraj, Amna and Suresh Jagroop, Priscilla and Jonathon, Ricky Haniff, Zabida Sue, Ashraf and Fazia Khan, Randolph, Sultan Ahmad, Afzal Samad, Derrick Auto Repair, Raj Auto Repair, Nick and Sham Hardeo, Hiyaat Ali, Ravi Etwaroo, Cricket Zone USA, Brian and Nirvani Persaud, Lawrence Mootoo, S.P. Singh, Harriman Joseph, Mo and Zally Ramroop, the Hamid family, Suresh and Chano Persaud, Naresh and Savitri Persaud, Raymond Bacchus, Boodram Bakery, Ganga Singh, Ramesh Lall, Legantin Hardwar and Subas and family. 

The EANY said while the 2017 event was a huge success, it will work to put together an even bigger one in the coming year. It said putting smiles on the faces of children and senior citizens was its objective and that was achieved.

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