Female cop reportedly tried to ‘settle’ rape case against colleagues


A female police rank attached to the Police ‘C’ Division is being accused of attempting to mediate and settle a case between two Policemen and the woman who has accused them of rape.

The Policewoman first tried to negotiate a settlement in the amount of $40,000 and then $60,000 between the alleged victim and the relatives of two policemen who allegedly raped her at the Turkeyen Police Station.

Speaking with the News Room on the matter Tuesday afternoon, the alleged rape victim stated that relatives of the accused policemen were calling the female police rank on her mobile phone and that ranks knowing what the nature of the calls were, repeatedly encouraged the victim to speak with the persons on the other end of the line.

The female police rank was at the time tasked with accompanying the victim to the hospital where she had to go through a process of having a “rape kit” administered to her.

“In the process of getting the rape kit and getting myself looked after, every minute she interrupting me to answer these various people who telling me they get money (and) don’t let me create no scene.

“All of us are women alike and all kind of things them told me and I told them; I don’t want no money,” the alleged victim said.

If what the alleged victim is reporting is investigated and found to be true, then the police rank who was reportedly facilitating the process of a settlement can be charged for perverting the course of justice.

The alleged victim told the News Room that after she refused to properly facilitate the relatives of the two policemen, the female rank sought to get her discharged from the hospital and returned to the Cove and John Police Station where they demanded that she provide a statement in the matter as that needed to be done before she continued seeking medical attention.

The alleged rape took place on Old Years Night into New Year’s morning as the woman went to the police station to make a report concerning a firecracker which was tossed at her business place, injuring her 12-year-old son.

She said at the station, she gave a report and then requested to use the washroom and after being guided to the washroom by one rank, shortly after, two others whom she is unfamiliar with barged into the washroom, bodily took her into another room and took turns raping her.

She said after the policemen completed their act, they left the room, instructing her to put on her clothes and she complied; she went down to the enquires room and told a police corporal what transpired but was instead told to have the very two ranks accompany her to follow up on the squib throwing incident.

When contacted, Senior Superintendent and Divisional Commander Calvin Brutus said the allegations against the ranks are being investigated and a file will be sent to the DPP for advice.

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