Indonesians stranded in Guyana after fired by local company


Over twenty Indonesian nationals are stranded in Guyana after the fishing company with which they were employed allegedly fired them.

The men are currently camping out at a mosque located at Providence on the East Bank of Demerara with little or no food.

News Room visited the location on Friday evening where the foreign nationals were noticed liming in an area also void of any comfortable place to sleep. We were told that they have been at the mosque for the past three days and are being provided with food by public spirited citizens.

It is alleged that they were fired from the establishment after they objected to the monies being paid to them by their employer. During their time of employment, the men were provided with housing and amenities by the company.

Though the men have little or no knowledge of the English Language, News Room understands that they are awaiting the arrival of an agent from Paramaribo, Suriname and that person is expected here on Monday.

It is unclear at this time if the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is aware of the plight of the foreign nationals.

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