Allicock, Lewis to box for Guyana at Commonwealth Games


By Treiston Joseph  

The Guyana Boxing Association is going all out to ensure its boxers are in the best position to succeed at the upcoming Commonwealth Games in Australia.

While the other sporting disciplines are still trying to figure out their Commonwealth teams, boxing is moving full steam ahead in the hope of landing a medal at the prestigious Games, set for April.

President of the Boxing Association, Steve Ninvalle, pinpointed the two boxers who will be representing Guyana.

“We now have two persons going to the Commonwealth Games we wish it could have been more but we have two, Mr. Colin Lewis and Keevin Allicock and I expect them to do well. They are both very young fighters; Keevin will be 19 sometime this year, he has an extremely good future ahead once he remains focused and Lewis, Desmond Amsterdam and Joel Williamson as well. We have seen the GOA (Guyana Olympic Association) embrace us more and that (we) must thank Mr. Juman Yassin (President of GOA) for,” Ninvalle noted.

Colin Lewis

Further, Ninvalle highlighted the preparatory plan for the team that has already begun training. “We (have) already started the preparation of our fighters for the Commonwealth Games. As a matter of fact, we would have sent to the Guyana Olympic Association a detailed training schedule which will culminate in a two-week training programme in Australia; we are now working on the costing factor to hand that to the GOA.”

Meanwhile, Ninvalle commended sponsors for their continued support of the sport that has aided their continued development, while noting specifically that both the GOA and the National Sports Commission (NSC) have been major supporters of the association.

The Commonwealth Games will be held from April 4-15 in Golden Coast, Australia.

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