Owners of unoccupied lands urged to clear them of overgrowth 


Due to security threats and health hazards faced by residents, the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA) is appealing to owners of unoccupied house lots in housing schemes under its management, to commence building or to clear their lots and surrounding drains of overgrowth.

The Department in a statement on Wednesday said it is a known fact that unoccupied house lots with large overgrowth are safe havens from criminals. They are also habitats for reptiles and breeding grounds for mosquitoes which have the potential to spread diseases such as dengue fever, it pointed out.

On Monday, the agency said it received a complaint of an elderly man in Region 10, being bitten by a poisonous snake, which he said emerged from the unoccupied lot next to his property.

“Referencing Agreements of Sale, Transports, and Certificates of Title, landowners are responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of all drains, reserves, and parapets adjoining the said lot and shall keep all parapets and reserves unencumbered,” the CH&PA pointed out.

The agency emphasized that it is “unreasonable” to expect residents to expend monies to maintain neighbouring lots that they do not own.

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