Update: 16 injured in accident


By Bibi Khatoon

Sixteen persons are injured following an accident on the Rupert Craig Highway on Thursday, January 11, 2018, after the driver of a route 44 minibus lost control and drove off the road.

The minibus, bearing registration number BWW 1243, was allegedly speeding to Georgetown when the accident occurred just about 13:00hrs.

Persons at the scene related that the driver undertook other vehicles before hitting a canter truck and losing control of the vehicle.

When News Room arrived at the scene, skid marks were seen from the junction at the Rupert Craig Highway and Sheriff Street, showing where the bus ran off the road before hitting a fence where it came to a halt.

Sixteen passengers were removed from the bus and taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital where they are being treated.

News Room visited the hospital and spoke with Public Relations Officer, Mitzy Campbell who related that at that time, persons were being sent to conduct x-rays and various tests to ascertain their injuries.

Persons were seen praying as they anxiously waited on word about their relatives.

While News Room was unable to confirm, it is alleged that the driver escaped the scene following the accident. An investigation is ongoing.

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