Embattled fmr. SWAT Boss proceeds on leave


The Guyana Police Force has completed its investigations against Deputy Superintendent Motie Dookie and the file has been sent for legal advice.

According to a police statement, Dookie, who was relieved of his duties as Commander of the Special Weapons and Tactic (SWAT) recently, has since proceeded on his annual vacation leave, which took effect on Thursday, January 11, 2018.

After he was relieved of his SWAT duties, Dookie was posted to the Strategic Planning Unit of the Guyana Police Force as the investigation continued into his involvement of thirty cases of whiskey being smuggled across the Corentyne corridor.

Dookie was busted with 30 cases of smuggled Johnny Walker Whiskey during roadblock which was headed by a Police Lance Corporal at Whim, Corentyne Berbice on December 31, 2017.

Dookie who was invited into the station on the night of the bust, reportedly told his juniors that the vehicle was ferrying ten cases of whiskey for the Guyana Police Force Old Year’s Night Ball but it turned out that the quantity was more and final destination for the alcohol was not the Guyana Police Force’s Ball.

Dookie is an officer who had many misgivings leading up to his present rank. During the tenure of Henry Green as Commissioner of Police, Dookie was sent to the Guyana Defence Force for training as a cadet officer, a course he successfully completed.

However, shortly after returning to the Guyana Police Force, Dookie was demoted from the rank of Cadet Officer after it was discovered that he faked the certificates which he submitted to the Police Force to be sent on the cadet course.

For that, he was reverted to the rank of a Police Sergeant and transferred to the Timehri Police Station. While serving as a Sergeant at the Timehri Police Station, Dookie was charged and placed before the courts after another Police rank at the said station was shot to the chest with the weapon which was issued to Dookie.

In that matter, Dookie claimed that he was cleaning his weapon when a round went off and accidentally struck the police to his chest. The cop, who managed to survive the “accidental shooting” then indicated that he was no longer willing to offer any evidence against Dookie in the matter and the case was dropped.

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