Wanted man captured after high drama chase in city


It was high drama Saturday morning in downtown Georgetown after a wanted man escaped custody several times, resulting in a chase around the busy capital and the discharging of a firearm.

A police statement explained that a vendor who is wanted for several offences was spotted on King Street, Georgetown around 11:00hrs by a member of the City Constabulary who was armed with a service weapon.

Police said the armed officer promptly apprehended the 34-year-old Tiger Bay resident.

Scenes from the incident. (Mondale Smith photo)

However, the suspect upon being detained, assaulted the officer and escaped but was pursued and recaptured on Robb Street in the vicinity of Colours Boutique.

In another bid to escape detention, the suspect grabbed the rank’s service pistol and tried to disarm him.

Police said a round was discharged without anyone being injured.

With the assistance of public-spirited citizens, the suspect was subdued and handed over to ranks of a police mobile patrol.

The wanted man was handed over to ranks in a mobile patrol. (Mondale Smith photo)

Police said the suspect, as well as the arresting rank, had to receive medical attention at the Georgetown Public Hospital; the suspect is being kept for observation under guard.

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