High Court Marshal, cop, customers locked inside NBS


By Bibi Khatoon

Staff, customers, a High Court Marshal and a police officer are among persons locked in the New Building Society (NBS) headquarters at the Lot 1, Avenue of the Republic, Georgetown after the bank locked its doors to avoid the seizure of assets.

Marshals from the High Court visited the location at about noon on Tuesday, January 23, 2018, to levy assets of the NBS to the amount of GY$59 million in keeping with an order issued by the High Court in the case of wrongful dismissal of former Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Maurice Arjoon, who was terminated 12 years ago.

Representing Arjoon is Attorney-at-law, Sanjeev Datadin, who told reporters at the scene that the NBS is interrupting the process that started with the removal of one vehicle which was taken to the court’s bond.

The scene outside NBS

“I can’t imagine they don’t know, they’re a bank, they’ve levied on many many people, they must know what to do but they’ve now locked people inside,” the Lawyer said.

Representing the bank is Attorney Pauline Chase, who said that an appeal was filed in the case and therefore the seizure of the assets should not take place.

“There is an application in the court with regard the stay…so our position is we ought to properly await the hearing and determination of the full bench of that matter before the levy is executed,” Attorney Chase said.

However, Datadin noted that the appeal is still pending and therefore, does not prevent the execution of the levy.

Attorney, Sanjeev Datadin

“Mr Arjoon has pledged his property…but a judgment has been given. Mr Arjoon has waited 12 years for this. How long are you going to wait for an appeal?” Datadin questioned.

While the police do have the right to enter the premises by force, Deputy Commander of ‘A’ Division, Wendell Blanhum said he hopes good sense will prevail and that NBS officials will unlock the doors.

The Deputy Commander remains at the scene with other officers.

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