NBS Managers arrested for unlawful imprisonment


Three managers of the New Building Society Limited (NBS) have been arrested and are in police custody pending charges of false imprisonment.

Deputy Commander of police ‘A’ Division, Wendell Blanhum confirmed to the News Room on Tuesday evening that the police are “investigating the false imprisonment” of persons who were locked inside NBS Headquarters at Avenue of the Republic, Georgetown today.

The Senior Cop told News Room that the Court Marshal, a Police Officer, an Attorney and three porters were falsely imprisoned during hours of a standoff between NBS and attorneys representing former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of NBS, Maurice Arjoon.

When asked how long the managers are expected to be in custody, Mr Blanhum said: “The due process of the investigation will take its course.”

News Room reported earlier that the bank locked its doors to avoid the seizure of assets following a High Court order.

Marshals from the High Court visited the location at about noon on Tuesday, to levy assets of the NBS to the amount of GY$59 million in keeping with an order issued by the High Court in the case of wrongful dismissal Arjoon, who was terminated 12 years ago.

Representing Arjoon is Attorney-at-law, Sanjeev Datadin, who told reporters at the scene that the NBS interrupted the levy process, which started with the removal of one vehicle.

After hours of locking the doors with the persons inside, a cheque of $59M was handed over to Arjoon’s lawyer, following a meeting by the Directors of the Bank. (Fareeza Haniff)

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