Security Guard attacked, robbed at Gov’t building


A 37-year-old Security Guard employed by Integrated Security Service was attacked and robbed by three masked men on Saturday, January 27, 2018, while he was in his guard hut at the Ministry of Education Department of Culture Youth and Sports (training center) at Vrymen’s Erven, New Amsterdam, Berbice.

News Room understands that three men, armed with a gun and cutlasses, entered the compound at about 03:00hrs and pointed a gun at Gansham Ri and told him not to say anything. They then demanded money and relieved him of $1200, one GO Mobile cellular phone, the company’s phone, a torchlight and Rambo knife.

News Room was told that the bandits took the victim’s T-Shirt and tied his hands behind his back.

One of the bandits armed with the cutlass kept watch over the victim at the hut while the other two suspects proceeded to the Practical Workshop Room located on the lower flat of the two-storey wooden and concrete building.

The men broke the padlock off the grill with the gun barrel, took their cutlasses and pried open the wooden door and ransacked the building.

News Room understands that after about 15 minutes, the bandit who kept watch, took the victim to the said area where the other two bandits were and left him unattended. This gave Ri enough time to free himself and he ran to the RDC, which is next door, and raised an alarm.

The police were called to the scene where the trigger and trigger guard of a shotgun, wrapped with bicycle tube, were found on a table broken into two parts and a cutlass was found on the floor. Investigations are ongoing.

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