Ramon Gaskin launches new political group


Disgusted with the policies of the two main political groupings in the country, economist Ramon Gaskin has launched a new political organisation aimed at edifying the populace about the crimes committed against the country by the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) and the People’s National Congress (PNC).

During an interview with the News Room ahead of the launch of the organisation on Tuesday, Ramon Gaskin said the political organisation – tentatively named Guyana First – is not interested in contesting the elections but rather, to make the public more politically aware.

“At the present time, our focus is not to contest and run for office. The focus would be to explain to the people of this country the reason why this country is the way it is. Then we will look to see about candidates and all of that,” Gaskin said.

The economist contended that over the years, the same politicians from the “big parties” are responsible for the impoverishment of the country and have been creating a lot of disharmony among the communities.

Currently a one-man show, Gaskin said the organisation will not accept membership at this time, but volunteers can come onboard as he travels across the country to interact with people.

“Those who want to support us can come as volunteers, we don’t have membership opened yet but we will be opened for volunteers and if you want to come with me and go to Skeldon and Rose Hall next week to talk to sugar workers, you are welcomed to come,” Gaskin said.

Gaskin said his overall aim is to put an end to party politics where persons vote along the lines of ethnicity.

He hopes that by 2020, more political parties will be formed so that Guyanese will have options to vote for a party other than the PPP or the PNC.

He lamented that for the last 60 years, the PPP and PNC have been dominating the political scene but yet the country remains underdeveloped.

Gaskin said he will not accept funding from foreign companies but encouraged persons who are interested in supporting his cause to make contact with him.

“We will not accept support from foreign companies, we will never accept a single dollar from a foreign company that is here exploiting our country and our resources. But others who want to support us, they can support us. But they are not going to come to dictate to us policies. Our position is clear and irreversible,” he stated.

Gaskin can be reached at 592-613-5151.

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