Delta Security Firm launched


Businessman Eddie Doolal on Friday launched Guyana’s newest security firm which features a wide range of services including responses to medical emergencies, fires, and traditional crimes.

The security agency, called Delta Security Services, also provides technologies to combat carjacking, and robberies after persons leave the bank or airport.

After a personal experience of weak security services in Guyana, Doolal decided to develop the modern company equipped with the latest technologies to offer the best possible security solutions to people from all walks of life.

“Security is no longer a luxury, it used to be. We have done research and developed products specifically for the Guyanese market and as a result of that, we’ve been able to break not just the traditional concept but also break the cost,” the Chief Executive Officer stated.

Eddie Doolal

He disclosed that the monthly rate for monitoring starts at $4000 and it comes with a whole range of services.

Doolal said the firm has modern technology and tactical strategies that can be employed in response to any emergency situation at the domestic and commercial level.

“What we’re doing is breaking the traditional concept of what is considered security in Guyana,” he said.

Doolal said the company aims to offer exclusive services to customers based on their needs.

“Our intention is simply (this): if you are having a problem with respect to a burglary situation, we will respond; if you are having a fire, we will respond; if you require medical assistance, we will respond,” he said.

In addition, Delta will be offering specialized security for persons and businesses conducting transactions at banks.

“One of the unique services that we offer is the 24/7 money tracker service, which is a device that we place in a bag of money. Literally, if you go to the bank and you withdraw a bag of money, we will place a device in that and we will track it, using a drone and armed escort to your particular location. So our station is able to monitor that,” he explained.

Further, the company will be offering portable panic buttons so persons in emergency situations can press the button and receive assistance from the Delta team.

Doolal noted that Delta does not intend on substituting public services but to complement them.

He said the company will be working closely with the Guyana Police Force, the Guyana Fire Service and the Ministry of Public Security.

In addition, he said the company is working with GTT to set up a 3 digit emergency number so it will be easier for customers to remember.





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