East Bank woman robbed, suspect recently granted bail in court


A 47-year-old woman was on Saturday, February 3, 2018, robbed by a man who is already charged with several armed robberies.

Police said the woman visited Demerara Bank in Diamond, East Bank Demerara (EBD) where she withdrew a quantity of cash to pay workers at a business place located at Fourth Avenue, Diamond New Housing Scheme.

After paying the employees, the woman had $50,000 remaining which she secured in her handbag and then drove to a nearby shop to make several purchases.

When she was at the cashier, the armed man pounced on her with a handgun and snatched the bag.

He made his good escape in a waiting silver grey 212 motorcar.

The woman was robbed of the cash, a Samsung cellular phone valued $58,000 and important documents, police said.

The robbery was captured on surveillance cameras.

Police said investigators are in search of the suspect who was recently granted bail by the court after he was charged with several armed robberies.

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