Two caught with marijuana in separate police operation  


A 26-year-old resident of Bartica is in police custody after he was caught with 1027 grams of cannabis moments after disembarking a speedboat at the Bartica Stelling on Friday, February 09, 2018.

A police statement noted that the suspect told the lawmen that he was asked to deliver the illegal substance to an individual whom he has named.

The young man should appear in court next week.

Meanwhile, police ranks at the Itaballi Police Checkpoint arrested a 51-year-old vendor of Third Street Alberttown, Georgetown with 1181 grams of compressed cannabis which was concealed inside of an ice cooler.


The incident occurred at about 16:30hrs on Friday. At the time of arrest, the suspect was a passenger seated in the back of a vehicle; he has since admitted ownership and is being processed for court, police said. 

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