“Unfortunately I applied too much power”- Joshi

- Race car driver stresses safety on the roadways


By Avenash Ramzan

What initially appeared to be a sharp turn was actually a slide, according to Vivek Joshi, the driver involved in Sunday’s accident at the ‘King of the Strip’ Drag Meet at the South Dakota Circuit.

Powering a black Altezza, Joshi lost control of the vehicle in wet conditions, sliding off the track and toppling three times before coming to a stop against a chain-link fence at around 17:25h. Luckily, he escaped largely unhurt, save for a cut to his right hand.

The event was immediately suspended by the organising body, the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club. In a social media post on Monday, Joshi spoke of what transpired.

“(I) was taking it light all the time. This was the race for (the) winner so I wasn’t going to give up easily since I greatly outmatched him (the other competitor) with power. I drove off slow and thought I could apply a bit more power in higher gears since the end of the track was drying up. Unfortunately, I applied too much power,” he said in a Facebook post.

He added, “Thank you to everyone for their concerns. Thank God I emerged with just a cut.”

Joshi further stated that motor-racing is a dangerous sport and competitors take “a big risk” each time they step on the track. As such, he is encouraging everyone to practice safety, not just on the track, but more importanly on the country’s roadways.

“I assumed that risk and I pushed it. This (is) why we must keep it off the road and on the track. Outcomes on the road would be very different. Thanks to the organisers for a well-organised event and to my team for having set up a safe car. Mishaps do happen and they can look real disturbing, but good safety mitigates bad outcomes,” Joshi explained.  

He continued, “This is a testimony to the developments in motor-sport in Guyana. We have come a long way. We will continue to learn and improve. This is our sport and we love it. The car will be fine as well. I encourage all to drive with care, caution, common sense, consideration and courtesy and keep racing for the track only. Don’t drink and drive.”

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