New Scrap Metal group urges Gov’t to resume trade, old group upset


By Devina Samaroo

A newly formed scrap metal dealers and exporters organisation intends to pressure the Government to resume the lucrative trade which has been suspended since 2015.

However, a group of persons from an already established entity claimed that the new group is a farce.

The Guyana Metal Dealers and General Exporters Association was launched on Tuesday, February 13, 2018, at the Regency Hotel on Hadfield Street, Georgetown.

The group’s Secretary, Emaly Persaud said the association was formed by a group of disgruntled scrap metal dealers and exporters. She said the association comprises over 60 persons from the ten administrative regions.

The association’s president, Malek Cave in brief remarks blasted both past and present Governments for being uncaring towards the industry.

He recalled that under the former administration, a ban on the exportation of scrap metal was implemented and since under the new administration, the restriction is only being periodically relaxed.

Cave particularly called out the coalition administration for not wanting to meet with concerned citizens.

Secretary Emaly Persaud

“During the last administration, I had the honour and privilege of sitting with the President to discuss several issues which affected the trade then and continue to affect the trade today.

“I did that when the Prime Minister decided that he will have no talks with me and I wrote President [Bharrat] Jagdeo and he made it quite clear that we should engage each other and hence we were able to move the industry from one state to another. Today it is difficult for anyone in this industry to access ministers of government, much more, the president,” he lamented.

He said that despite countless efforts to meet with the Government on the resumption of the scrap metal trade, no minister or official was willing to listen.

Opposition Member of Parliament Juan Edghill, who represented the parliamentary opposition at the launch, invited the new association to meet with members of the opposition.

“We are prepared at the next sitting of the National Assembly either to table a motion to deal with this issue or pose direct questions to the government as it relates to their actions and intentions so that you will no longer be in the dark,” Edghill stated.

Meanwhile, the formation of this new association did not rest well with an existing organisation that has been representing persons in the industry for the past 10 years.

Deputy Director of the Guyana Metal Dealers Recycling Association, Jaddeshwar Sadhu told News Room that their organisation “represents all the scrap metal exporters in Guyana and some major collectors also are with us. A couple days ago, all our members pledged allegiance to our organisation.”

Deputy Director of the Guyana Metal Dealers Recycling Association, Jaddeshwar Sadhu

According to members of that organisation, the new association was formed as a front for questionable activities being undertaken by the Secretary of the new association.

Meanwhile, regarding the scrap metal trade, it remains suspended.

News Room made efforts to contact Minister of Business Dominic Gaskin to find out when the trade will be resumed but calls to his number went unanswered.

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