$10,000 -$25,000 for vending spots along Mash route


By Bibi Khatoon

The Mayor and City Council has so far sold 230 spots to persons who will be vending along the route of the Mashramani float parade on February 23, 2018, During a press conference on Tuesday, February 13, members of the council’s Mash Committee disclosed that there are however over 600 spots remaining.

This year, the Mashramani float parade was returned to the Vlissengen Road route which commences from Thomas Lands and ends at Durban Park.

Head of the Council’s Mash Committee, Floyd Rollins

Head of the Council’s Mash Committee, Floyd Rollins said the spots are being sold for prices ranging from $10,000 to $25,000, depending on the location.

“From Bar Street, Kitty to Thomas Road, it’s $10,000. From Thomas road to Lamaha Street is $12,000 and from Lamaha Street to Church Street is $15,000.

“Square of the Revolution has already been filled to capacity as we are only allocating 24 spots. On Irving Street, from Church to Forshaw all of the spots were not completely occupied because we want to avoid any eventuality on that day. We plan to leave some space for some flexibility on that day.”

To purchase a spot, vendors are required to visit the areas and select where they will be most comfortable and then visit the council to make their payments and reservation.

Assistant City Engineer, Rasheed Kellman explained that the spots are either 10X10 or 20X20.

Solid Waste Director, Walter Narine

As it relates to cleaning up after the event, Solid Waste Director, Walter Narine disclosed that the job will be given to private contractors.

“We plan to start cleaning the entire route at 4:00hrs on the 24th (February 2018). It will not be done by the city council because of various reasons,” Narine said.

He explained that over the past two years when the Brickdam route was utilised, it was easier for the Council to take up the task, however, it does not have the resources to clean the longer route.

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