Lindo Creek Massacre COI postponed


The first public hearing of the 2008 Lindo Creek Massacre has been adjourned due to the unavailability of witnesses who were slated to give testimonies today.

Commissioner Donald Trotman informed media operatives of the postponement an hour after the hearing was scheduled to begin.

“We were expecting relatives of the deceased whose deaths are being inquired into at Lindo Creek but some of them have been unable to come, some may arrive late and the uncertainty of their presence is one of the factors that would make the hearing possible,” Mr Trotman said.

Mr Trotman ruled out that the timely unavailability of the witnesses is because of reluctance to testify.

The Witness Box in the the room where the COI is being held.

He further explained that the hearing could not be done because certain “prerequisite arrangements” were not put in place.

These “prerequisite arrangements”, he said, are internal matters. “We would not wish to have them announced at this stage,” Trotman stated.

He expressed hope that all the logistics will be sorted out so that the hearing can commence next week as initially planned.

The COI will investigate and make findings of fact on all matters in relation to the killings of Cecil Arokium, Dax Arokium, Horace Drakes, Bonny Harry, Lancelot Lee, Compton Speirs, Nigel Torres and Clifton Berry Wong at Lindo  Creek in the Upper Demerara- Berbice Region on, or about  June 21, 2008.

Members of the Media

Public notices have been disseminated inviting witnesses, affected and /or interested persons to submit letters and written Statements of Memoranda to the Commission.

A number of interviews has also been conducted with ‘Persons of Interest ‘and the Commission has been working closely with family members of the deceased, who have come forward.

In keeping with its Terms of Reference, the Commission has also been examining available documents, interviewing persons and holding in-camera sessions.

On January 31, 2018, President David Granger appointed Justice Trotman to perform the duties of Commissioner of the Commission of Inquiry.


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