Infrastructure at City Hall falling apart, Restoration Fund to be launched  


During a statutory meeting this afternoon, Mayor of Georgetown, Patricia Chase-Green expressed concern about the deplorable infrastructure of City Hall, noting that the building is falling apart and not fit for use.

As such, she said a restoration fund will be launched following consultations with the public and the National Trust.

“It is unsightly if you’re coming from north going south. I don’t want at any point in time, anyone is sitting here and anything collapse. This is ours and we have to restore it,” the Mayor said.

However, she was quick to point out that the council is not in a financial position to rent another facility.

As such, the Mayor said the council will conduct consultations with the public and the National Trust to launch a restoration fund for City Hall.

“When we meet with the general public, the private sector, the Chamber of Commerce, the National Trust, and we’re going to open an account, we must have signatories that are from council, the general public, to manage this fund as it regards to the restoration of city hall,” Chase-Green explained.

City Hall. [News Room photo]
The Mayor suggested a sub-committee meeting to determine the way forward with this initiative.

Town Clerk, Royston King told the council that the City Engineer has also deemed the building unsafe after a section of the northern side of the structure fell off last week. He said the engineer is preparing a citation for the Office of the Town Clerk.

King explained that the roof of the building is not structurally sound and is being aided by a piece of tarpaulin to stop the rain from getting into the building.

In 2017, some restoration works were conducted by the European Union and the National Trust on sections of City Hall. The infrastructure has been in existence since 1889.

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