Can Jeremy Tenpow maintain Sun Burst Kids Cup dominance?


By Avenash Ramzan

The Sun Burst Kids Cup has always been a crowd favourite at the Georgetown Grand Prix, and the season opener this weekend is not expected to be any different.

The Kids Cup, sponsored by Continental Group of Companies through its flavoured juices manufactured locally, caters for competitors in the 60cc go-karts, and is basically the training ground for the sport, with the little ones tussling for supremacy.

During the initial year, the category proved to be an instant hit with an enthusiastic bunch of young drivers going hard at each other every time they hit the track at GT Motorsports.

It must have brought a deep sense of satisfaction to the organisers of the Georgetown Grand Prix that there is now a new and exciting crop of drivers, who are not just keen on winning at all costs, but are very serious about their future in the sport.

The tough Jeremy Tenpow out of Pure Racing was the overall champion in 2017, standing alongside Easy Cup Rookie champion Raymond Baksh as the drivers with the joint-most wins during the season.

Tenpow had nine victories and amassed a whopping 306 points, the only driver to cross the 300-point mark last season. But the question is ‘can Jeremy maintain his dominance in the category when the season speeds off this weekend?’

Confidence and momentum are on his side, but he will be aware of the threat and competition that his rivals will bring to the table. After all, they are also vying for the overall crown come year-end.

Nathan Rahaman is a huge title contender, having finished the season strong last year, chalking up 254 points and ending second overall.

Paige Mendonca, the lone female in the category, enhanced her growing reputation last season, and no doubt the #15 driver would look to build on the gains made in 2017. She finished third overall with 234 points.

Jeremy’s brother, Justin Tenpow, was also extremely fierce on the track, copping an overall fourth with 214 points, and he would want to prove this season that the Tenpow name will he heard around motor-racing circles for several more years to come. 

Whatever the outcome on Saturday, one thing is for sure- all the drivers will be looking to get an early advantage on the points table, which makes for an exciting showdown. The action will get underway at 18:00h and general admission is free, while VIP is $6,000 per person. 

Corporate support has been garnered from Stag Beer, Exxon Mobil, Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club, Rayne Inn and Sun Burst Juices.

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