Electrician criticises lack of police response after burglary


An electrician of Enterprise, e East Coast of Demerara (ECD) is counting his losses after bandits broke into his yard and stole several of his belongings in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Marshal Karamchan told News Room that he was awoken by a knock on his gate at around 03:00hrs; upon checking, he noticed two men running away from his house.

“They were running with two bags so my mother say let’s go check what happen if these guys come in our yard because the place was dark. When we went, we see the car glass break and the trunk open and all my tools and everything that went in the trunk, they gone with it,” he related.

The items he said, amount to $180,000.

The man said his car was also ransacked but he could not determine if anything else is missing at this point in time.

He told News Room that he decided to drive around the area and look for the men but it was futile.

Karamchan said he then called the police but criticized their lack of response.

“I call 911, onto now nobody ain’t respond, call Vigilance, same thing. This morning I went Vigilance and then they take my report and nobody ain’t come to do an investigation and anything and they get my number and address,” he related.

The electrician is now contemplating his next move as he is now left without tools to do his work.

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