Buxton man stabbed to death by fmr. Prison inmate


In an apparent act of revenge, a former prison inmate was this morning killed and a hunt is on for the suspect.

Police in a statement said the suspect (name unknown) and Leon Delph, 34, a vendor of 182 Quamina Street,Georgetown, had a misunderstanding while they were imprisoned some time back where Delph had stabbed the suspect.

It was reported that at about 07:00hrs on Sunday, the suspect saw Delph in a minibus at Buxton Line Top and he immediately approached and stabbed him in the region of his neck with a knife and ran away.

The police said even though Delph was bleeding profusely, he nevertheless armed himself with a broken bottle and a knife, pursued and allegedly inflicted several wounds on the suspect before he collapsed.

Delph was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital and was pronounced dead on arrival.

The suspect, a 30-year-old resident of Buxton managed to escape into the Buxton Backlands and is being sought by the police.
An investigation is ongoing.

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