Pregnant woman, 5 children homeless after fire


An investigation has been launched as a fire of unknown origin destroyed a two storey wooden and concrete building at Lot 116, High Reef Albion, leaving millions of dollars in losses.

The fire, which reportedly started at around 10:00hrs today, has left a 9-month pregnant woman and her 5 children uncertain as to where they will be spending the night. The children are between the ages 2 and 11.

A neighbour told News Room that she was busy preparing lunch for her family when she heard a “loud noise” followed by the sound of glass breaking. She then saw flames emanating from one of the rooms in the upper flat of the house.

“When meh go outside to check, I see fire coming at the window so I run out to call out to the other neighbours but nobody nah come out to help, so me limp limp and go up the street and then them people use them phone and call the fire service,” the neighbour said.

The house that was destroyed by the fire

According to the neighbour, after several minutes passed and the fire service did not arrive, she gave her car keys to a lad and told him to go to the nearby Albion Estate for them to send a fire tender.

“After the boy go to Albion them come about fifteen minutes after and then Rose Hall one come just after but the place been done blaze up big so them just out the fire but everything been done bun already.”

‘Everything is gone’

Meanwhile, 27-year-old Sheniza Willie and her husband, Damion Simon said they have been renting the property for the past six months and utilized all their savings to furnish the home. They had also bought baby clothes and other items in anticipation of their 6th child, who is due to be born soon.

At the time of the fire, Willie was not at home and her kids were at school.

“Everything we own destroy in the fire, even down to me bag which me pack to take hospital to deliver this baby, we nah get nothing left. We children them still in school them nah know yet that the house burn down. We buy a computer fuh me big son do his assignment only recently, all that burn too… me nah know what we gun tell them children or where we gun sleep tonight… what we gun do tomorrow? How me guh send them children a school?” Wille questioned as the reality of the situation started to sink in.

She is pleading with the general public to help in whatever way possible.  Persons desirous of assisting the family can contact them on 672-5363/613-8434.  The cause of the fire is not yet known.

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