AFC ‘kicked to the curb’ in city elections; Chase continues as Mayor


The Alliance for Change (AFC) lost the Deputy Mayoral seat in Georgetown today after holding on to the position for the last two years.

Not even the presence of Infrastructure Minister, David Patterson, a leading member of the AFC, could alter the unopposed election of Akeem Peters to serve in the position. Peters is from the five-party coalition APNU, which teamed up with the AFC to contest and win the 2015 general elections.

Patricia Chase Green, also of APNU, was re-elected to serve for the third consecutive year through a majority vote by show of hands.

Former Deputy Mayor Sherod Duncan attempted to nominate Lionel Jaikaran but by that time a motion had already been moved to close nominations.

“The AFC has been kicked to the curb,” Jaikaran, who served the last year as Deputy Mayor stated.

Jaikaran told the Council that he leaves the position with his conscience intact and his head held high.

Jaikaran said he has always held onto his principles but Peters disagreed with him on the point that the AFC has been knocked out, explaining that it was a Council’s decision to elect him to this post and he doesn’t see it as the sidelining of any of individual or group of individuals.

Peters said he will work alongside the Mayor over the next year to change the image of the Council and also congratulated Jaikaran for his service over the last year.

Peters will assume office on April 1 as the youngest person to be elected Deputy Mayor of Georgetown.

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