Berbice family beaten, sexually assaulted & robbed by armed bandits


A Berbice family was on Thursday evening beaten and robbed by four masked gunmen who were also armed with cutlasses and knives.

During the ordeal, a female family member was sexually assaulted after two of the bandits stripped her naked and grabbed her private parts.


News Room understands that the gunmen pounced on the family at around 19:00hrs at their Ankerville, Port Mourant, Corentyne, Berbice home.


The bandits carted off with over two million dollar worth in cash, jewellery and electronics.


One of the females, a 34-year-old, told News Room that she and her mother-in-law were in the living room when the men entered through the front door.


“We were about to close for the night when they came in. My husband was by the front door, they put him face down on the ground and start beating him asking for money,” she recounted.


The woman, who works at a Stationary Store in Rose Hall Town, said two of the men stood guard over her mother-in-law and husband, while the other two grabbed her jewellery. Her mother-in-law was badly beaten and had to seek medical attention.


“They ransacked the house searching, broadsided my husband with the cutlass and hit my mother-in-law. Two of them take me in the room and threatened to rape me if I didn’t give them the money and more jewellery. In the room, two of them take the cutlass and cut off all my clothes off my body,” the visibly traumatized woman explained.


The woman scrambled for her jewellery box and handed over the contents to the bandits. The woman said she also gave them several cellular phones, electronic gadgets and an undisclosed sum of money.


The woman said before the perpetrators left the room, they sexually assaulted her.


The terrified woman further told News Room that the bandits also threatened to kill her nine-year-old son.


“They pull he off the chair and put the cutlass to he saying they gon chop it off. I begged them don’t do it whatever we get, we are going to give,” she said.


The woman recalled that as they were demanding more valuables, one of the men informed her that he just came out of prison and that he needed money.

She said the incident has left her family in a state of shock. Police have since launched an investigation into the matter; no arrests have been made.

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