Man chops neighbour for drinking, blowing shell


A Corentyne man is now behind bars after a fit of anger over a party led him to hack off his neighbour’s fingers.

Reports are that Rudolph Haynes, 30, was imbibing with his friends and blowing a conch shell Monday night as they partied. The neighbour, called ‘Brian’, became annoyed and called in the Police.

Policemen visited the scene and warned Haynes and the others to desist. However, when the Police left without arresting anyone, the neighbour became enraged and rushed over.

When the cutlass was fired at Haynes, he raised his hands and as a result lost four of his fingers from his left arm. Haynes’ two other friends were also broadsided.

‘Brian’ is still in the custody at the Spinrglands Police Station as Police they continue their investigations.


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