New police recruits warned against corruption


The Guyana Police Force (GPF) Wednesday afternoon held a passing out parade for 98 new recruits who were urged by the Force’s top brass to maintain high moral and ethical standards throughout the life of their career.

The new recruits underwent approximately four months of training which began in September 2017.

The training exposed the young recruits to life-changing experiences aimed at transforming them from regular civilians to enforcers of the law.

Assistant Commissioner Nigel Hoppie urged the Police Force’s newest members to not abuse their power.

“Avoid temptation and remain honest when carrying out your functions. Law enforcement officials are required to display special qualities,” Hoppie stated.

Hoppie said there are four essential qualities they must exhibit. “One: you must always be committed to serving your community and by extension your country. Two: be just. Your oath of office states that you should execute your duties without fear or affection, malice or ill-will. Three: develop a high degree of self-discipline and integrity; do not succumb to the temptation of corruption. Four: be vigilant.”

On the last point, Hoppie noted that it is becoming more evident that traditional reactive styles of policing do not effectively contain crime and criminals in a society that is rapidly changing.

“These qualities will prove to be invaluable in your work. This will, however, require continuous effort in improvement to strengthen these diverse abilities,” he said, urging them to take every opportunity to enrich their knowledge.

The Force’s Training Officer Fizal Karimbaksh said the officers underwent training in areas of self-defence, first aid, and anger management, among others.

At the graduation ceremony, which was held at the Tactical Services Unit at Eve Leary, 12 officers were recognsied for their accomplishments through the training programme.

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