Fmr. Post Office Chairman concerned about uncertainty over Cheddi Jagan stamps


I have noted with a deep sense of consternation, the statement emanating from the Cheddi Jagan Research Center (CJRC) as it relates to the Guyana Post Office Corporation (GPOC) inability to fulfill its commitments of a philatelic stamp commemorating the birth centenary of Dr Cheddi Jagan, former President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana.

As a former Chairman of the Board of GPOC, maybe one of the longest serving Chairman, it is unprecedented for a client, in this instance the CJRC, to be referred to the Ministry of the Presidency for explanations or other information as it relates to this unfulfilled transaction between the corporation and a client.

This is nothing short of a full and open display of petty, partisan politics influencing a business transaction that could be considered purely an administrative matter. In my tenure, there was never the need for such an engagement with the political directorate to give clearance or approval for the issuance of a philatelic stamp, even if it concerned a political personality or a political organisation. it was purely a business transaction and a guarantee that the client has the capacity to stand the expenditure and to allow a profit for the GPOC.

This recent development, as simple as it may appear, makes pellucid several things. These are:

  1. the micromanagement by the State and the depth that the dictatorial attitude of the PNC will go to, to stifle the political legacy of anyone outside of that cabal;
  2. the disrespect that the Government is prepared to mete out to its own appointed governing board at the GPOC and the subject Minister for the sector by directing a client to consult with the Ministry of the Presidency;
  3. this is PNC control “freakism” in fine style and all other players are nothing but mere decorations in the room/coalition.
  4. it is one of the loudest messages of hypocrisy as it relates to national unity and social cohesion, which is much touted by this Administration;
  5. and finally, it makes the administration and management of the Post Office cronies, who are subjected to political directions and who cannot or are unwilling to act, without approval from the PNC dominated Government.

Please be reminded that Guyana is not the property of the PNC, Guyana belongs to all Guyanese. Notably, Dr Jagan’s role and contributions cannot be discounted even by the fiercest of political opponents.

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