Radio Orealla on air!


President David Granger on Sunday commissioned Radio Orealla, which will be transmitted via the 95.1FM frequency.

The radio station will serve Orealla, Siparuta and other surrounding communities. In his feature address, President Granger said that the Regional Public Broadcasting Services are intended to empower citizens at the grassroots level through the creation of a more informed populace, the removal of inequality, encouraging greater participation and inclusivity in decision making on important national matters and improving village economies.

“We are pursuing service to the people… This is an innovative programme and at the end of it every region is going to have a Regional Broadcasting Service Station.

“We are going to ensure that the entire Republic of Guyana is connected. Every Guyanese, everywhere he or she might go must be in touch with his national broadcasting service… Wherever you are in Guyana you must be able to tune to your National Broadcasting Service. Why? Because it is a public good. This service is not to look after some personality or not to conduct propaganda,” the Head of State said.

He explained that access to reliable and accurate public information can play a significant role transforming communities, noting that this radio station will ensure that residents have up to date information on issues such as registration, voting, healthcare, education, citizenship, security and the environment.

“It is impossible to overemphasise the importance of today’s activity. We are bringing a means of public information into this beautiful community. This event is…is not a one-shot, it is part of a total programme that will see the entire Republic of Guyana covered with this Regional Public Broadcasting Service…We are unleashing in Orealla today, the power of radio, the power of communication,” President Granger said.

Guyana and Suriname are the only two CARICOM countries that touch each other via the Corentyne River along which, Orealla, Siparuta and other riverine communities, are located.

The President said that are important locations and the Government has an obligation to ensure that residents who reside in these communities, have access to all vital public services.

“This village is important to us. This region is important to us and we are concerned about your welfare and your happiness… This radio will help you to participate fully in the economic life of the country and also to improve your own economic livelihood… Radio has always had a special place in the Guyanese community and it’s a shame that it has taken so long to come to certain communities,” the Head of State said.

Meanwhile, Coordinator of the Project, Rovin Deodat, spoke of the positive impacts and endless opportunities a radio station can have on a community that was hitherto, cut off from the mainstream.

“The coast was only the recipient of broadcast. This programme is part of a stated policy of the Government to include every single Guyanese…It is an investment that will be well paid off over time,” he said.

Toshao of Orealla, David Henry expressed the community’s appreciation to the Government for this investment, which he believes, will open doors for the youths and provide residents with the long-awaited opportunity to promote their religion, economic and natural resources, way of life and tourism potential.

He also informed that under the current Administration, Orealla has benefitted from an extended electrification programme and extension of their playground. Additionally, they have received a grant for the construction of a new stelling and will benefit from the services of a new water ambulance.

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Acting Prime Minister, Mr. Carl Greenidge; Minister of Social Cohesion, Dr. George Norton; Minister of Indigenous People’s Affairs, Mr. Sydney Allicock and Minister within the Ministry of Indigenous People’s Affairs, Ms. Valerie Garrido-Lowe were also in Orealla to celebrate with the residents. (Extracted and modified from the Ministry of the Presidency)

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