AFC resists King’s demand for apology


Throwing its support behind its Councillor and Former Deputy Mayor of Georgetown, Sherod Duncan, the Alliance For Change (AFC) has expressed deep concern over events unfolding at City Hall.

In a statement on Saturday night, the party said it puts Town Clerk, Royston King on notice that “the vulgar demand letter” sent to Duncan” will be strongly resisted by the party.”

The party also said the Town Clerk “needs to better understand his role and functions and the reporting structure at City Hall. He is a servant of the people of Georgetown and the Mayor and City Council, not, as the evidence of his actions and conduct suggest, the other way round.

In a Lawyer’s letter dated March 21 to Duncan, King demanded a “full, frank and contrite” apology over articles published in the daily newspapers about a no-confidence motion Duncan brought against him.

Duncan, on February 26, submitted a No-Confidence motion against King, accusing him of careless and reckless actions which damaged the image of the council. The motion was thrown out on March 12 by Mayor Patricia Chase-Green based on “legal advice.”

The lawyer’s letter was sent to Duncan by Attorney-at-law, Maxwell Edwards on behalf of King, where he asked for a retraction of articles published in the Guyana Chronicle containing comments made by Duncan relating to the Town Clerk’s actions which caused him to be unfit to function in his position.

The letter also warned the AFC Councillor that failure to comply with the demands will be considered as aggravating and will lead to legal proceedings.

The AFC in its letter further stated that “the party has detected that the public no longer has any confidence that Mr. King is either capable of, or willing to execute the functions of the Town Clerk.”

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