Security Guard found with throat slit; $1.5M stolen in Rose Hall Town robbery


The Town of Rose Hall is in a state of shock after a Security Guard was found dead with his throat slit and a gaping wound to the head sometime after 21:00hrs on Saturday night and some $1.5 million in cash missing from the store he worked.

The dead man has been identified as 54-year-old Munisperen Iyasammy Monien known as “Guardy” of Lot 52 Clifton Settlement Corentyne Berbice. News Room understands that he was discovered by police at his place of employment – Sukhram’s General Store – after efforts to contact him were futile.

Seven persons are in custody, including the Manager of the store and other employees.

According to information reaching News Room, the owners of the business are currently overseas and they asked a friend to check the premises regularly since there was an attempted break-in on Wednesday last.

The friend turned up at the store at around 19:00hrs on Saturday and called out to Monien but did not get a response. Later that evening, the Manager of the store was summoned, the store was opened and the guard’s bloodied and battered body was found in the passageway leading into the store at the back of the building.

Sukhram’s General Store in Rose Hall Town

News Room understands that blood was splattered on the walls and there were signs of a struggle. The Manager checked the building and discovered that the cash was missing.

Reports indicate that the lock to the store was not secured; investigators believe the robbery/murder was orchestrated by persons working there.

As such, seven persons are in custody including the Manager and other employees.

The dead man’s brother, Lloyd Monien said he received a call after midnight that his brother was dead and was asked to identify the body.

Lloyd told News Room that his brother was badly beaten and that his hands and feet appeared to be broken.

He last saw him alive on Thursday.

“He tell me some people try to break in on Wednesday and he call the police, he recognize them and tell the people and the police did want him give a statement so he been a go to the station,” Lloyd said.

Lloyd believes that his brother was killed because he knew the perpetrators who tried to break into the store.

The suspect/s who was identified is among the seven in custody as investigations continue.

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