Vendors recall brazen robbery by bicycle bandits


An elderly couple is back on the road plying their trade less than 24 hours after they were robbed and shot at by bandits at the La Penitence Market on Monday.

The couple – Doodnauth and Meena Danasri – of Windsor Forest, West Coast Demerara were attacked and robbed by four bandits on bicycles. They have been selling at the market for 38 years outside Twin’s Drug Store, Saffon Street. The men fired shots and one of the bullets managed to graze Doodnauth to his head.

The couple told News Room today that the gunmen managed to escape with over $100,000, which they had set aside for payments to persons they bought vegetables from.

They had no choice but to return to work today in order to repay their debts.

Meena Danasri

Meena related that the men approached her first, demanding that she hand over her apron in which her money was kept.

“I was packing and my stand was almost empty already and by the time me went to pack the ochro and turn back, me see one of them come with the bicycle, throw down the bicycle. He had a gun and a knife in he hand,” she said.

They were not masked. According to Meena, as they demanded her apron, her husband said “leave the woman.”

The husband told News Room: “The man turn the gun to me and fired three shots and after then me go in the corner and sit down and I don’t know what took place because I was bleeding bad.”

While the gunman placed his attention on Doodnauth, Meena said she ran but was again approached by the bandit who placed the gun to her stomach.

“All I had to do was take out the money and give them,” the vendor said as she pondered and asked “what would I have done?”

Doodnauth Danasri

The men managed to escape through James Street, Albouystown.

Doodnauth was treated at the Georgetown Public Hospital and received stitches to his head and right side cheek.

At the scene, there were also constables from the City Council, however, they were unable to do anything as they were unarmed. An investigation is ongoing.

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