Newcomers impress at GBBFF Novice Championships


By Treiston Joseph

New talents entered bodybuilding on Sunday evening and the fan-base of the sport was not disappointed when the musclemen flexed their muscles and the ladies modelled their toned bodies at the National Cultural Centre.

Allan Savory out of Flex Gym flexed his way to the 2018 Novices’ Heavyweight and Masters titles at the National Novice Championships, put on by the Guyana Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (GBBFF).

Savory put on a show for the fans in attendance, displaying a shredded back with some toned guns. Savory also had well defined legs as the judges seemed thrilled with the symmetry of his body during his poses. He was the only heavyweight to compete at the Novices Championships.

Allan Savory (left) and Tariq Dakhil

Meanwhile, the Mr. Physique title went to Tariq Dakhil of Space Gym. He displayed shredded shoulders, biceps and triceps, including his forearms. Dakhil also showcased a stoned abdominal region to capture the title.

Renaldo Calderia of Space was second, while Xavier Kitou was third in the category. Nevertheless, the show had a number of entertainment aspects at one point thrilling the ladies in attendance.

The Ms Bikini title went to Space Gym’s Dicivca DeSusa, who was well toned and had well defined abs and legs. Angelia Barrones of Space Gym finished second, while Jenifer Gordon of Fitness Paradise was third.

The junior category was won by Vishaw Ramcheran, while the Lightweight was won by Fabian Roza. Odwin Yansen of GDF took the Welterweight trophy over his gym-mate Donstou Richmond. 

All the winners received their trophies and prize money during the show with President of the Federation, Coel Marks deeming the night’s event a success and they aim to promote the sport and attract more athletes to it.

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