Sex allegations swirl Linden Town Week pageant


The Alliance For Change (AFC) says it is aware of a social media post regarding an alleged incident which took place in Linden some time ago and in which a member of the party’s Region 10 Regional Management Committee has been named.

A brief statement from the AFC today noted that the party leadership has communicated with the named member and the party will launch its own investigation into the matter and act in accordance with the findings.

“The AFC reiterates its strong revulsion of any mistreatment of females and will take appropriate action should any misconduct in this, or any other regard, be proven.”

Meanwhile, the Linden Mayor and Town Council is refuting claims that it attempted to sweep under the carpet an allegation of sexual misconduct made by one of the delegates for the upcoming Linden Town Week Pageant.

“Contrary to stated opinion, the Mayor did not in any way attempt to trivialise the issue or to sweep anything under the carpet…this allegation is a malicious, fallacious attempt to deliberately smudge the Office of the Mayor,” the council said.

In a widely shared social media post, it is alleged that a businessman from Amelia’s Ward, Linden, during March 2018 made sexual advances towards the delegates when they were at his premises to seek sponsorship.

The post alleged that the town council which is responsible for the pageant is trying to cover up the matter, and officials are trying to buy or threaten the victims into silence.

In a statement on Monday, the Council said the matter is under investigation.

“Aiding or abetting any activity or set of activities and behaviours that are demeaning to women or any other individual or group of individuals is incompatible with the council’s ideals,” the statement said.

The council noted that no staff is permitted to divulge  unverified  information on the matter since “it is strictly a matter of procedure, especially in sensitive cases like this one, that the Council  conducts its  independent  investigation  of  the issue  so that  when  a report is published, it is with information that we would have gathered for verification.”

It confirmed that the investigation revealed that an incident occurred on March 3rd, 2018 and the said matter was settled between the parties involved on March 6th, 2018. The matter was on March 16th taken to the Mayor who was told that it is with the police, the council said.

The council alleged that it was later told on Sunday, April 1st, 2018, that the matter was not settled but the Mayor was later informed that the young woman does not wish to further the issue. Linden town week is set to begin on April 22 and finish on May 01.

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