Focus on youth development as Gonsalves takes charge of Timehri Panthers


Former player turn administrator Adrian Gonsalves was last weekend elected President of the Timehri Panthers Sports Club, formerly Timehri Panthers Football Club.

The elections took place after members of the club adopted a new constitution at the Timehri Community Centre. The new body was put in place one day after their Under-15 team was officially crowned champions of the East Bank Football Association (EBFA) leg of the Guyana Football Federation/Pele Alumini Frank Watson Under-15 League.

Gonsalves, in a brief acceptance speech, thanked the members for the level of confidence they have placed in his executive and promised to serve with distinction for the next 12 months.

The new president noted that while football is their main sport at the moment, the club will also focus on other sports, including volleyball, basketball, cricket and tennis, among others.

With this in mind, a number of the executive members would be taking on responsibilities to forge ahead with coordinating other sports disciplines.

A number of the persons elected also served as members of an Interim Committee, which was put in place in February this year to ensure a structured body was put in place with assistance for the EBFA.

President of the EBFA, Franklin Wilson, who oversaw the elections, also congratulated the new executive and encouraged members to keep working towards further uplifting the club whose members have also shown admirable commitment.

The new executive reads: Adrian Gonsalves (President), Clayton Lambert (Vice-President), Iyodele Hamilton (Secretary), Denise July (Treasurer), Tenesha Trotman (Assistant Secretary/Treasurer), Ernest McLean (Equipment Director), Franklin Mohamed (Technical Director) and Rawle July (Sports Organiser).
The three Committee Members are Abioza Daniels, Marvin Datson and Colin David. The executive committee will appoint a Public Relations Officer at the earliest opportunity.

Many of the members present expressed delight at the fact that a new body was now in place to oversee the day to day operations of a club that has held its own on the East Bank for many years.

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