ROAD TO MECCA FINAL: Colts, Ravens fully geared for mega showdown


By Treiston Joseph

The Road to Mecca National Club Basketball Championship final is set to engulf the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall on Saturday evening when the Bounty Colts and the Dyna’s Ravens collide for the prestigious title of national club champion of Guyana.

At a pre-final press conference on Friday at the Pegasus Hotel, President of the Colts club, Michael Singh, and Raven’s captain, Darcel Harris, expressed confidence in their club’s chances of coming out on top.

“Colts were tailor made to beat the Ravens and we expect a great game; first year it was though we finished third, got second the following year and then won the last two, but we are prepared and it’s going to be a great final and the entertainment with Timeka Marshall should add to the game as well, so we are urging the fans to come out and support,” Singh noted.

“For us we are going to come and play hard, we have earned our wins by sticking to a game plan and that’s what we will do and we think we will have a great final. I also want to say we believe the federation has been doing a great job with the tournament,” Harris stated.

Timeka Marshall and the cheerleaders

President of the Guyana Amateur Basketball Federation, Nigel Hinds, noted that they are hoping to produce one of the best finals come Saturday night, not just with basketball, but also with entertainment.

“This should be a good final; we are adding everything we can from a federation standpoint to give it the best atmosphere and to attract as much fans as possible to go with the brilliant entertainment by Ms Marshall,” Hinds mentioned.

Local artiste Timeka Marshall will be in attendance for a massive half time show expected to rock the Sports Hall.

“Yeah, I am looking forward to coming out there and performing; I will be feeding off the vibes because I know that the fans are usually into their teams, but we also know what sports does for our community and I must commend the organisers for their efforts,” Marshall noted.

The Ravens and Colts will face off for the first time for the Road to Mecca title; the Colts will look to make it three in a row, while the Ravens are out for redemption.

Tip-off time is 19:00h with the third place game between the Kobras and the Victory Valley Royals, followed the final at 21:00h.

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